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Hello Friends!

Thanks so much for visiting my website! I am thrilled to help you connect with the magic in people and life -- you are destined for joy, purpose and success! Check out my books, seminars, CDs and much more. Now let's get started with some energizing thoughts and tips. .

Luv ya!

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Jill Spiegel's Tips:

   What you tell yourself, you become. Send yourself empowering mind messages: I am confident. I am positive. I appreciate the gifts in everyone, and they see the gifts in me. Our thoughts create our destiny!

•   Reach out and start positive conversations. Someone standing next to you in line could lead you to your soul mate, your dream job, a life lesson and more! Life magically puts people in our path.

  •  Say "Hello" to new faces as if you've known them forever. Warmth is contagious. You'll feel like old friends.

•   Look for the miracle in every encounter.
Sometimes a stranger makes a comment to you that
changes your life, (and you may change theirs!)

•   Connect with your imagination.
Everything that exists today began with one simple thought.
When you wish or daydream, you are creating energy that will
manifest itself.

•   Listen to your intuition.
Inside all of us is a wise guiding inner voice. You can call on yours anytime by asking yourself, "What would wisdom say to me now?"

•   Remember, life is rooting for all of us!

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