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Are you ready to be entertained and inspired? Now you can take Jill Spiegel with you in the car or listen to her at home with these fun and energizing 40 minute CDs! Jill's CDs are:

“Jill Spiegel’s How To Talk To Anyone About Anything! The Top Tips”

  Jill’s Top Tips from her hit seminar are life-changing!

  *Exude confidence! *Make difficult conversations easy!
   *Find the miracle in every encounter!
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"Jill Spiegel's Best Tips"

"Jill Spiegel's Best Tips' is outstanding! It zaps you into feeling empowered.

*Build instant rapport!*Feel guided by life!*Succeed by instinct!*Live life with magic!"

"Jill Spiegel's Top Dating Tips"

Jill inspires her listeners with concise hands-on dating tips that work!

*Master healthy dating!*Meet people everywhere!*Draw your soulmate(s) to you!

"Jill Spiegel Tells Her Story"

"Jill's story is hilarious and motivating. She lives her message!"

Laugh outloud as Jill shares her adventures and her success fundamentals. Learn how she flirted with Oprah and Katie Couric- she'll show you that you can live your dreams too!

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Throw everything you think you know about flirting out the window. According to author, motivational speaker and flirting expert Jill Spiegel, flirting is not about winking and slinking -- it's the art of making people feel special.

Spiegel first realized she was a flirt in high school. "I was always invited to leadership positions because of my way with people. When you are connecting with others, you're building warm and sincere relationships. You'll be surprised how delighted people are when you're open and friendly," Spiegel declares. "Everyone can do it. It's just a matter of knowing you can."

The great great-granddaughter of Spiegel catalog magnate Joseph Spiegel, Jill explains that the Spiegel catalog was in her family for 100 years until it was sold in the 1960s. "I inherited the most important thing from my family -- the drive to go out and make things happen on my own."

At age 26 Spiegel knew she had an important message to share with the world. In 1995, Spiegel wrote her first book, the bestselling "Flirting for Success," which motivated millions to reach out and build instant rapport. "I wanted to show people how flirting could bring them personal and professional fulfillment, "Spiegel relates, noting that her flirting techniques include eye contact, good listening skills, humor, expressing self-confidence and respecting others."

Spiegel attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, earning an honors degree in English. During an internship at a television talk show Spiegel realized that TV was her destiny. "I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore, living in Minneapolis and working in television.

After graduation, she took the ultimate flirting challenge by accepting a job selling knives door to door. "I said to the universe, okay school's over, what am I going to do now?" Because she had some tme left on her lease, she took the job, which looked a little dubious to say the least. "Life will guide you to where you need to be if you listen to your feelings. Soon after, my company transferred me to Minneapolis. I wanted to move to Minneapolis and be Mary Tyler Moore and knives lead me right to it!" Spiegel recounts.

In 1990, while working as a manager for the knife company, Spiegel started her own company Goal Getters, as a platform to motivate. She created a life skills class that she taught at Open U (an adult continuing education center). A syndicated columnist from the Star Tribune wrote about her class, and when the article broke Spiegel started getting calls from as far away as New York and Canada. A local publisher called and suggested that Spiegel should write a book. She and her husband self-published "Flirting for Success" and then sold it to Time Warner. The book lead to appearances on "Oprah," "Today Show," Sally Jesse Raphael," and many more. "I discovered that you can do anything yourself, and you can do it your way," Spiegel says, adding that she wants to inspire the spirit of independence.

In 1998, Spiegel took flirting to the next level with her new book "Flirting with Spirituality." "When we overcome a challenge, there is a gift for ourselves and something to pass on to others. Mistakes are miracles waiting to happen. It's the spiritual fulfillment makes you rich." Today Spiegel and her husband maintain their busy schedule with Goal Getters, booking seminars, personal appearances, and guest spots on television and radio. Ever the flirt, Spiegel can be spotted driving the streets of Minneapolis in her bright blue "flirtmobile," a VW Beetle adorned with daisies and emblazed with her website flirtnow.com.

For more information contact:Jill@JillSpiegel.com

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