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Talk To Anyone About Anything by Jill Spiegel

Jill Spiegel’s How To Talk To Anyone About Anything! The Secrets to Connecting

Now Jill Spiegel takes her hit seminar right to you! Jill says,
“I’ll show you simple, effective ways to connect with anyone.”

     In this exhilarating hands-on guide you will master:

  • The most powerful instant connection techniques.
  • How to enter every situation with confidence.
  • 9 ways to start a positive conversation.
  • How to speak intelligently on any subject.
  • How to engage people with mind messages.
  • 4 ways to build a meaningful connection.
  • The hidden truth behind making dynamic “small talk.”
  • The magic phrases that win people’s trust.
  • How to take your connection to the next level.
  • 10 ways to transform difficult conversations. 
  • How to gracefully handle your popularity.
  • And so much more!

Comments on Jill Spiegel’s
How To Talk To Anyone About Anything!

 “Loved Jill! Absolutely the best!”
 “This was beyond phenomenal and so much fun!”
 “Jill’s information was life-changing!”

Pages: 112, Price: $12.00 ISBN: 978-0-96433257-7
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Dating. It's exciting and nerve-wracking! Wouldn't it be great if you had your own personal Flirtologist? Now you do! The Flirtologist's Guide To Dating presents Flirtologist Jill Spiegel. You've seen her on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Today Show. She coaches daters through a walkie-talkie while they wear a hidden ear piece. This time she's in YOUR ear! Jill gives you mini-scripts so you know exactly what to say in every dating situation, and she tells you the best places to meet other eligible singles. Plus, she'll answer the most asked dating questions and put you in a mindset to date and feel great!

"I walked into a store and saw an attractive guy. I used Jill's script and landed a great date!"
- Alice Olson, Oakdale, MN.

This dynamic guide shows you:

  • The Notice Zone that turns living your life into a natural dating service!
  • The Fabulous Four Connectors that make you "click with" people everywhere!
  • The Three Crucial Qualities that key you into a great catch!
  • The Pre-Date technique that lands you the date!
  • The Soulmate List strategy that magically attracts your soulmate into your life!
  • And much, much more!

Pages: 174, Price: $12.00, ISBNO-9643325-9-0



Flirting for Success is the first book ever to reveal the secrets of selling yourself through the art of flirting. Jill Spiegel shows you how easy it is to connect with anybody and feel great about yourself in the process!

"Jill Spiegel's Flirting For Success is a must for anyone who wants to effectively build rapport!"
- Troy Prickett, Marketing Manager, Sony Music.

You'll Learn

  • The nine secrets to building rapport
  • How to make others instantly believe in you
  • How to sell yourself with integrity
  • The science and power of complimenting
  • How to use humor as a negotiating tool
  • The hidden keys to self-motivation
  • How to exude a dynamic presence
  • And much more!

Pages: 191, Price: $12.00, ISBN: 0-9643325-0-7
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Also check out Jill's acclaimed

This clever little gift book, written and illustrated by Jill Spiegel, flirts with you! Readers say it warms the heart and inspires purpose, friendship, self-esteem, faith and joy.

pages: 73, Price: $6.99, ISBN: 0-9643325-1-5
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Flirting with Spirituality is an engaging, easy-to-read guide that inspires you to joy, meaning and success. Through creative exercises and real life stories, Jill Spiegel shows you how to tap your inner power and live your dreams with purpose.

"This book brought me so much awareness. I feel energized!"
L. Jervis, reader USA

This dynamic revolutionary guide will lead you to:

  • Five fun and instant ways to unleash your spiritual magic!
  • Find your purpose and magnify your power!
  • Create your best life vision and manifest it!
  • Learn hidden tricks to drawing instant energy
  • Read coincidences and recognize signs!
  • Empower yourself and bring harmony to your relationships
  • Discover your creative talent and so much more!

pages:129 price:$10.00 ISBN: 0-9643325-2-3

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